About the Crafter


I Just Wanna Do Crafts - Crafter 

Monique Strother is ADDICTED to DIY Crafts projects. She believes that we all have a creative spirit inside of us, and loves to let her creativity flow and inspire others with crafty ideas. Her journey started, as many do, with a mid-life crisis and wanting to find her life’s purpose and passion. Monique realized that there must be more to her existence and wanted to be passionate about life again!

So, one wintery day in January 2017, she decided to transform her entire home into a modern-day farmhouse as a reminder of the fond memories of spending many summers on her grandparents’ farm. They lived in a 4-bedroom farmhouse on 36 acres, and she would help them pick vegetables, gather eggs from the chicken coop, and pick flowers for weekly kitchen table floral arrangements. It was on her grandparents’ farm that she learned the valuable life lessons including the importance of hard work, self-sufficiency, and collaboration, and was inspired by those summer memories of the farm.

Since, Monique has found her claim to fame passion of DIY projects and crafting and decided to start a blog and craft shop called “All Shades of Ms. Blu” primarily showcasing her handmade chevron wine bags and the love for crafts. She lives, breathes, and dreams about making crafts and literally carries everywhere a blue journal in her purse with crafting ideas. She believes it is an awesome feeling to create nothing into something unique. Eventually, Monique re-branded her crafting business to reflect her true and real passions—creating DIY projects and helping others to do the same via the Gift Shop Bulletin and Social Media. This is how “I Just Wanna Do Crafts” (IJWDC) located in Alexandria, VA, came to life! Handmade crafts for those who enjoy the wine lifestyle to the fullest and coffee/tea lovers too. 

She hopes everyone follow their dreams and find and indulge their passions like she did! I Just Wanna Do Crafts reflects everything she loves – DIY crafts projects, innovation, creativity, passion, purpose, family, friends, community, valuing old memories and creating new ones, usually with a glass of wine in hand…and most especially with you!

At IJWDC, she wants your shopping experience to be as hassle free as possible and encourages you to contact IJWDC with any questions, concerns, or if you need help placing your order. The quality and value of IJWDC products and the experience their customers have with IJWDC shows that she is committed to provide first-rate customer service. She welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best handmade products in the industry.