Do you ever wonder what gift to buy a special person that has everything?

Or you're tired of buying the same ol' chocolates and roses for your girlfriend on your anniversary?

If you're having trouble looking for the perfect gift you're at the right place.

I Just Wanna Do Crafts is a handmade shop that creates high-quality, custom and ethically produced handmade gifts for those who enjoy the wine lifestyle to the fullest and coffee/tea lovers too! Our selected eco-friendly handmade gift collection consists of wine, coffee tea scented candles, bling drinkware and more! 

We also provide craft supplies, which are handpicked carefully. We choose which factories sell the best quality craft accessories. Why do we know it's the best? Because, we use the same supplies to create our crafty products. 

I Just Wanna Do Crafts is known to have straight magical abilities to make people feel happy and bring a smile to their face. This is why we do what we do! We believe “Happiness Delivered: Quality Handmade Products and more straight to your door!"


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