Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

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Every year since I Just Wanna Do Crafts started the business, we make a Breast Cancer Awareness product and donate a percentage of the sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Mammography Program, which provides free mammograms and screenings to women in need so that no woman ever has to make a choice between essential care for herself or caring for her family.

Through the years, we have lost a few friends due to breast cancer, and we support a few close family members and friends who are survivors. We feel called to support the prevention of breast cancer to help raise awareness about the disease through our business. To help raise awareness, we are donating 10% of the sales of our Breast Cancer Awareness products.

The featured products are the following: 



 Each mug is unique and different and used will premium crystal glass/resin rhinestones and pearls, which are hand placed. Placement of stones and pearls may vary but the pattern will be same. Care Instructions and Kraft Gift Box included. 




A pink tea cup candle with the sweet smell of pink sugar, two mini desserts (chocolate fudge) wax melts and a sparkling breast cancer pin. Repurpose Your Candle Instructions and Kraft Gift Box included. 


Give a gift of hope, love and support to a love one, close friend, or a co-worker and knowing your purchase is going to good cause. 


Monique from I Just Wanna Do Crafts 

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