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I Just Wanna Do Crafts Handmade Gift Shop is bringing sparkle and glam to our latest new collection, Bling High Heel Coffee Mugs. Just imagine your first name beaming with radiance in your favorite color on a coffee mug. Each coffee mug is unique and comes in variety of colors. No two mugs are alike, so that every single one is one-of-a-kind.


 What is your handmade process? 

Premium Permeant Vinyl: These 14 oz. coffee mugs are made with  premium permanent and not removable vinyl. And yes, there is a big difference between permanent and removable vinyl. Premium permanent vinyl cannot be removed easily; however, removable vinyl is a repositionable adhesives to allow easy peeling.

Pearls and Rhinestones: We use a mixture that range in different sizes to ensure that the sparkle effect in on every coffee mug. There are 150 -160 beads hand placed to make the high heel design. 

Stone Embellishment Glue: Although most crafter use the e6000 on their bling coffee mug, we found a much more better glue without the toxic chemicals adhesives and the smell. The product is non-toxic it is safe to use on the outside of drinking containers.

Kraft Gift Box: Each bling coffee cup comes in a gift box to ensure the product arrives safely and perfect for gift giving. 


How do I take care of this beautiful bling coffee mug?

We asked to keep the life of this beautiful mug is to hand wash only. That means no dishwasher mug, no microwave usage and do not soak the mug in water. We had our coffee mug for about 3 months and use it everyday when drinking Arbonne detox tea every morning and its going strong. 

What is the made to order and shipping process?

Our handmade process time is 7 - 9 business day, Monday through Saturday. This does not include shipping time.

What is the return policy?

I Just Wanna Do Crafts does not accept return items that are customized or on sale. 

If interested in one of our pretty coffee mugs, please visit our listing. The bling coffee cups make the perfect gift or treat yourself. You deserve it! 


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