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Ash Grey Chevron Wine Bag Gift Set (Candle Scent Options)

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Here at "I Just Wanna Do Crafts" family are beautiful ash grey white handmade chevron wine bag with a back pocket to hold your wine accessories (e.g. wine stopper, wine charms or pocket corkscrew) for purchase. Yes, a handmade chevron wine bag with a beautiful 30 in gross grain ribbon. This eco-friendly, multi-purpose and reusable wine bag and wine accessories are a great way to present a special gift for a housewarming, wedding, birthday or more. No more plastic bags or paper bags. Carry your wine in style!


  • A Kraft box (8x8x4) wrapped with a beautiful Kraft ribbon with an artificial boxwood. Enclosed with a gift tag, "Handmade: Especially for You".
  • Handmade chevron wine bag with a beautiful ribbon and a back-pocket to hold wine accessories. Approximate size (13 x 6 x 3.5) with a tote bottom that is 100% medium weight cotton material.
    • Wine bag color options : Ash Grey and White 
    • Wine bag holds some 750 ml liquor/champagne bottles.
      • Portable mini wine opener 
      • Glam wood wine stopper to match the color of the chevron wine bag.
      • Matching assortment wine charms for your sparkling wine stem glass. 
      • A highly wine scented candle in a 4 oz jar. 100% soy wax wine scents includes:
        • Chardonnay - A unique bouquet of a premium white wine. A crisp blend of white grapes, oak and fruit. 
        • Cabernet - A unique bouquet of a fine red wine. A sweet aroma ripped grapes with sugar on top. 
        • Merlot - A unique bouquet of a fine red wine. A crisp blend of earthy and sweet with a woody note.
      • A natural cotton wick dipped in natural wax for a steadier burn.
      • Soy wax candles burns up to twice as longer than paraffin wax.
      • 8 - 10 burn hours
      • A box of matches

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        *Note: This product does not come with a bottle of wine.