Queen for the Day Coffee Candle (Coffee Scents)

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All Hail the Queen!! IJWDC hereby declares the most important woman in the room with this highly scented candle in a coffee cup. Enjoy the scented candle and when the flame goes out, pour 9 oz of caffeinated confidence into your system and slay the day with your crown brooch. Each coffee cup is made with a handmade decal and the two sweet smelling wax melts for your warmer.


    • 9 oz porcelain coffee cup and saucer. Not dishwasher safe and must be hand-washed only!
    • Coffee cup hand-poured with 100% soy wax with the following scent choice:
      • Cappuccino Brulee - Vanilla beans, coffee beans and cocoa beans blended together.  Sprinkled with brown mica on top of the candle. 
      • Caramel Macchiato - Creamy caramel notes are blended with coconut milk, coffee beans and cocoa powder on a base of sweet, frothy vanilla to create the irresistible scent of caramel macchiato.
      • Chocolate Fudge - The sweet aroma of fudge enhanced with notes of melted chocolate, hot fudge, and vanilla.
      • Creamy Chai Latte - A flourish of nutmeg and cinnamon around white tea and a creamy vanilla base, this fragrance fully embraces the richness of a creamy chai latte. 
      • Hazelnut Truffles - A chocolate lover's dream come true. Satiny truffles combine chocolate with the rich buttery with the rich buttery flavor of hazelnuts for an out of this world chocolate experience!
      • Snickerdoodle - Delicious sugar cookies sprinkled with warm cinnamon and baked to perfection! Subtle notes of maple and honey complete this yummy treat!
      • A beautiful brown swirl when the burning. 
      • (2)  2 - 3 oz sugar cookie hand-poured mini desserts used with para-soy wax. 
      • Candle: up to 55 burn hours
      • Wax Melts: up to 6 burn hours
      • Each candle comes in a Kraft gift box as shown in the images. 

      Repurpose Your Candle

      Learn about transitioning your candle to a cup of coffee by clicking here.  

      Made to Order Process/Shipping

      A handmade decal is placed on each coffee mug and this process can not be expedited. 

      Allow 5 -12 business days, Monday - Saturday for our made to order process with shipping. Ship only within the U.S.