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I Just Wanna Do Crafts Gift Shop has been living the quarantine life as the rest of the country. Today, we wanted to make a DIY wood wine ornament to sum up these difficult times we are all going through together. This wood ornament added a great addition to our Christmas tree and its perfect for all the wine lovers out there!



Are you ready to make a DIY Wine Ornaments craft project? Here is how we made it:

We used the following materials to make this DIY wood ornaments.

  Step 1: We started out with a white washed wine ornament and designed “Drank Lots of Wine 2020” on the Cricut Maker.


Step 2: Cut our design using the Cricut Maker and Cricut weeding the excess vinyl.


Step 3:  Placed transfer paper over the design. Peel the transfer paper and place the it on the wood ornament.



This project was so easy to make and it added a perfect touch to our Christmas tree especially with the mini wine bottle ornaments





You can also purchase this wine wood ornament by clicking here


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