DIY: “So In Love” Ombre Heart Wine Cork Plaque

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I Just Wanna Do Crafts was inspired to create a special DIY craft project for Valentine’s Day that aligns with our “So In Love” handmade collection. If you or your valentine love wine as much as we do, this DIY project is perfect for you!

Are you ready to make our special “So In Love” craft project? Here is how we made it:



  1. Pine board - The board is a 1 in. x 1.5 ft. x 1.5 ft. Pine Edge Glued Panel Round Board and can be purchased at Home Depot 
  2. Acrylic paint - Our accent color is red and pink with a white background color. 
  3. Vinyl letters - We used 3 inch letter from Home Depot.
  4. Wine Corks - We used wine corks and saved from opened bottles of wine, but they can also  be purchased at Michaels and other craft stores. 
  5. Paint tray palettes with at least 5 paint wells
  6. Foam brush 
  7. Spray paint - We used red, of course. 
  8. Glue gun 
  9. Paper bag 
  10. Marker
  11. Ruler 
  12. Scissors 

Step 1: Spray paint the board the color that you want your lettering to be (You’re going to paint the board in two contrasting colors and remove the vinyl letters to reveal the color underneath). We used red for our base red!! 

Step 1-DIY-Heart-Ombre-Wine-Corks


Step 2: Once the base paint on the board is dry, place your vinyl letters on the board. We used a ruler to ensure that our letters were aligned with each other, spelling out “So In Love”.  Once the letters are adhered to the board, spray paint the entire board again with your base color.. Yes, again. Let the base color dry. 

Next, it is time to paint the entire board with your contrasting paint color, including the letters. We used white so the red letters and the wine corks will stand out. 

DIY TIP: Always remember, dark letters on a light background and light letters on a dark background will always make your letters stand out. 

Step 3: Once the board is dry, carefully remove the vinyl letters from the board to reveal the color underneath...Ah-ha! The lettering should be one color and the background color is another color. 

Step 4: Next make a heart template by cutting a square from a paper bag. The size of the paper bag square is determined by  how small or big you want your wine cork heart to be--bigger square=bigger heart; smaller square=smaller heart. 

Fold the square in half and draw a half of a heart shape along the folded side of the bag. Cut out the half-heart with your scissors and unfold it to reveal a symmetrical heart. This is your heart template.




Step 5: Place the heart template on your board and trace it in pencil. Separate your wine corks into three separate groups as evenly as possible (We used 81 wine corks total). Now, it's time to paint the tops of the wine corks from dark red to barely pink to create an ombre effect. 


DIY TIP: We conducted a dry-run with our corks to ensure that we had enough by placing each wine cork inside of the heart on the board.  We were shy with a few corks, so we invited a few friends over for some girl talk, laughter, and wine, of course! 



Ok, commercial break is over..Back to work!! 

Step 6: Now, we are ready to complete the “So In Love” Ombre Heart Wine Cork by painting the last few corks we were missing. Last step? Once all the painted wine corks have dried, hot glue them to the board following the template to make a heart.


So In Love ombre heart wine cork DIY craft project was so much fun and very relaxing, and it added a perfect touch to our gallery wall for Valentine’s Day. 







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