DIY Bling Wine Cork Pumpkin Picture Holder

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I Just Wanna Do Crafts was inspired to create a special DIY craft project for Halloween that uses wine corks . If you love wine as much as we do, this DIY project is perfect for you. Continue to read our latest blog or watch how we made this easy craft on our YouTube channel.

wine-corks-finished IJWDC


 Are you ready to make a DIY Pumpkin Wine Cork Picture Holder craft project? Here is how we made it:




Step1: Align the wine corks in accordance with the numbers and glue the wine corks together with a hot glue gun. 


Step 2: Paint the body of the pumpkin orange. 

Step 3: Hot glue the leaves on top of the pumpkin. Then, cut the last wine cork in half (stem) and paint the half wine cork green. Hot glue the stem on top of the leaves. 



Step 4: To make the picture holder, take about 7 inches of wire and from the top bend about 3 inches down. Twirl the wire twice around your finger and place the wire on top of the stem. Add bling (embellishment stickers) on each wine cork (the body)



Step 6: Place the picture in the wire holder.




This Bling Pumpkin Wine Corks Picture Holder wine cork DIY craft project was so much fun and very relaxing, and it added a perfect touch to remember those memorable moments. 



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