DIY Bling Wood Easter Bunny from Target

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We celebrating this Easter with a DIY Bling Wood Bunny. The wood bunny was bought from Target for only $5.00. Yes, it's so easy to take an inexpensive purchase and make it to an one of kind craft project. Not only is this craft project  unique but makes great décor for a small space. 

Today, we are using the sprinkle or scattered method, which is a variety of different size beads that are randomly placed on the object.  We also use this same method on our Personalized Bling High Heel Coffee Cup. This method can be easy; however, it is important to add the right size beads to cover every spot.

Well, let's get started. 



Supplies Used:

 Step 1:Take the silver sharpie and color the entire wood bunny. This will add coverage to spots that were missed.

Step 2: Pour supertite inside the small dropper bottle. Place the dropper glue bottle on the spot that you want to add a crystal bead. Do not squeeze very hard as this glue goes a long way.


Step 3: Pick up a crystal glass bead with your rhinestone picker and place the bead on top of the glue. 

Step 4: Repeat and until the bunny is complete.


Well, there you have it, a DIY Bling Wood Easter Bunny using crystal glass beads. Enjoy and Happy Easter from I Just Wanna Do Crafts Handmade Gift Shop!  

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