February is known as the American Heart Month. Contribute and Support Go for Red for Woman!

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February is known for roses and candy. But, did you also know February is the American Heart Month? It’s a time for the country to gain its attention to keeping families and communities free from heart disease, the No. 1 killer of Americans. This federally designated event reinforces the importance of heart health and the need for more research, with is a reminder to get families, friends and communities involved. The first proclamation was issued by President Lyndon B. Johnson in February 1964, nine years after he had a heart attack. Since then, the president has annually declared February as American Heart Month.

In honor of American Heart Month, I Just Wanna Do Crafts Gift Shop created handmade products around this special event: creative heart shaped tea cup candles, rose petal wine glass set (dark red) and a red chevron wine bag gift set. A small percentage of our profits (month of February only) will go towards more research with the American Heart Association, Go Red for Women® . This global initiative is to end heart disease and stroke in women, which was launched in 2004 to close the gap in awareness.  Go Red quickly expanded into a worldwide movement dedicated to removing the barriers women face to achieving good health and well-being. 

Our products for this initiative are listed below. Click on each product and learn more about our creative handmade products. 



Red Chevron Wine Bag Gift Set (Candle Scents Option)



White Heart Shaped Tea Cup Candle with Red Brooch

Rose Petal Wine Glass Set (Dark Red)

 Pink Heart Shaped Tea Cup Candle with Pink Brooch


Get involved today as a small percentage of your purchase will go towards research to end heart disease. You can also contribute to the American Heart Society by clicking here

 *Note: As of February 15, 2020, I Just Wanna Do Crafts Gift Shop has raised $25.00 towards this initiative since February 1, 2020.  Thank you for support. 

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